Chicago is one of the easiest places in the US to find work in summer, however, with J1 applicants now requiring jobs to be pre-approved and signed-off in advance, you need to be more organised than ever.

Many Bar and Restaurants in the city are familiar with the visa process and won’t have any problems signing your forms.

Our partner website has over 43,000 members from within Chicago’s Bar & Restaurant industry and lists hundreds of new jobs every month.

Our partner website has over 43,000 members from within the city’s Bar & Restaurant industry community and lists over 250+ jobs per month.

Join the Facebook Group for live job listings under ‘Job Posts’ tab.

Image result for craigslist logo pngCraiglist has dozens of local jobs posted everyday – just be mindful of scammers.

View their latest posts here.

Catering & Event Staffing companies regularly hire J1 students for the past number of years and are familiar with the visa process.

Chicago has dozens of events every week and from hospitality to concerts, conventions, sporting events, street festivals and experiential marketing – Catering & Event Staffing companies are constantly on the lookout for tempory staff, especially in the summer months.

A quick google search will point you in the right direction.

Note:  Most of these companies cannot guarantee full time hours and job locations will vary.  We recommend that you check their ratings on Glassdoor / Yelp before applying.


Updating your CV/Resume

When applying for jobs it’s important that you change your CV to an American style Resume.

Hiring managers will expect a one page document with information about your education and previous work/volunteer experience.

Note: If you are under 21, don’t waste your time applying for Bartender or Server positions as it’s not allowed under US law. All bars and restaurants will hire under 21 staff for other positons though, such as Hosts, Bussers (Bus Boy), Bar Backs (bar assistant) amongst others. is a good website to go to for help. Click here for more.


Illinois BASSET Certification

All Bar and Restaurant staff in the US are required to complete a short online safety certificate program before beginning work.

Completing this in advance would be a significant boost to your Resume when applying for jobs, and put you ahead of other J1 applicants.

The course costs just $9 with our discount code: CSI123. Click here for more information.

Chicago Service Industry Facebook Group
500+ jobs are listed here each month by members. Just click the 'Job Postings' tab.